Supplier evaluation system

Quama enables quick supplier evaluation with a use of a simple form. Based on manual evaluation entries, we acquire the results of user defined criteria. Quama generates a report with the help of which, we can instantly compare ratings of multiple suppliers. Using Quama we become more experienced and accomplished in evaluating suppliers and then, we can expect financial and nonfinancial benefits.

The solution is intended for

  • Enterprises in which employees need and use extensive sets of work equipment and resources for successfully performing their business processes
  • Enterprises that do not know how to properly organize their work environment
  • Enterprises in which disorganized work environment impairs their business processes
  • Production companies with various workshops (mechanical, automobile repair shop)

Supplier evaluation

Benefits of supplier evaluation

  • Material delivery
  • Adaptability
  • Quality and reliability information
  • Fair price
  • Know your customer
  • Technical capabilities and abilities
  • Financial and business stability

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