SPC method

Daily tasks often require using simple, yet effective and efficient calculations and comparisons. Based on the results, we can decide about further actions. Following this cycle, we are already touching on the subject of quality development in our environment.

We want to assess our progress, so again have to use certain calculations and comparisons. In the Statistical Process Control (SPC), we are facing the problem on how to describe and analyze the process, how to evaluate deviations and what actions are required to eliminate them. Later, we want to reevaluate the process. The objective of using statistical process management is:

  • Detection and monitoring state of processes as well as product characteristics
  • Improving process proficiency and product characteristics
  • Reducing quality costs
  • Acquiring knowledge about new technologies, machines and products

In Quama, the user can define measurement attributes. Based on the input measurements, Quama enables an overview as well as a printed control map to help us detect deviations of the process. The graphic control map enables us to observe the average value of a specific process and any deviations outside of its control limits.

Statistical process control – Control charts

The solution is intended for companies that run serial production and for companies that rely heavily on customer satisfaction and have to carefully monitor the flow of their production processes.


  • Preventing product recall and customer complaints
  • Improving sustainable development
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Reducing manual reviews
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Generally reduced costs

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