Maintaining and managing work equipment

The Maintainer is a system that collects various user requests and records any damage reports regarding work-related property (rooms, offices …) that require fixing. Any repair request that is input into the system by an authorized person must be repaired by the maintenance provider.

Repair requests can be submitted to Quama through a mobile input or a direct computer input. For reviewing and resolving the maintenance request we recommend using the mobile application, as maintenance workers are constantly moving and rarely behind a workstation. In any case, maintenance workers can also monitor the repair requests by using a computer.

Maintaining and managing work equipment

The solution is intended for all institutions that are large enough to employ their own maintenance workers who maintain various devices and workspaces. Also is intended for maintenance workers and all employees who find faults or property damages in the work premises.


  • Electronic recording of any damages, defects and required repairs. Paperless business.
  • Higher efficiency due to direct communication between maintenance workers and other employees. The maintenance workers will have all the required information in their immediate reach when using the dedicated mobile application.
  • Electronic overview of performed repairs using a computer (browser).

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