Quality control

The Incoming Quality Control (IQC) is the process of inspecting material quality as well as various production parts before the production cycle begins. Just as it is necessary to acquire good material for constructing a house, it is imperative to control the quality of the incoming materials in the production process.

Quality control itself is divided into three separate processes that ensure that the procedure is properly supervised and properly executed for each step separately.

Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

The purpose of the IQC process is to inspect and detect any non-quality materials before they could be used in the production process or in the product assembly.
IQC activities:

  • Checklist inspection; if everything complies with the requirements
  • Supplier evaluation, based on previous experience
  • Input material sampling, based on the MIL-STD-150E standard
  • Material quality inspection – a visual and functional overview of material samples
  • Quality control card monitoring and informing engineers about any material deviations
  • Continuous improvement of the IQC process

In Process Quality Control System (IPQC)

IPQC sets the control criteria during the production process and the product assembly in order to detect and contain any errors, possibly resolve some of them.
IPQC activities:

  • Composite material inspections, according to standard
  • Statistical control techniques and control over increased deviations
  • Performing process audits to ensure that the processes are in accordance to standard principles and identifying any possible improvements.

Outgoing Quality Assurance (OQA)

OQA is the last procedure we perform, before the product leaves our jurisdiction, onto the customer. It is therefore crucial that our shipment is flawless.
OQA activities

  • Performing visual inspections and functionality tests
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Reviewing the approved list of checkpoints
  • Organization approved standard-based samplings
  • Performing reliability assessments
  • Cancellations/warning report and analyses generating

Kontrola kvalitete materijala

The solution is intended for enterprises which have to monitor and record product development and enterprises that perform Make to order (MTO).


  • Improving market reputation
  • Promoting the company and attracting new customers
  • Preventing loss of existing customers

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