If you are forced to achieve compliance with the GDPR regulation, why not turn this cost into an investment that will, over time, increase your income.

How to make use of the GDPR regulation in order to become more e ective? How to reconcile the legal aspect, the area of information security, the database management system and the aspect of work processes?

  • Some data may not be interconnected.
  • How do you deal with collecting consent under the GDPR?
  • How to manage consents – The customer can demand a consent change request or they can use
    GDPR to protect their rights
  • Will you have control over the use and location of your customers’ personal information?
  • Will you succeed in exporting the information you store about the customer in reasonable time and with reasonable costs?


  • The team of experts will help you and provide guidance with the law, information security, working processes, information support, data management…
  • An appropriate information solution that enables connectivity to standard information systems already in use at your company (API).
  • Other tools for speci ed areas (consent management, risk analysis, process modeling, connection with other company systems, …).
  • Strokovna podpora pri izvedbi procesa za doseganje skladnosti z GDPR uredbo.


  • With regulated processes, work will be more e ective.
    • The QUAMA – GDPR tool is of great help here.
  • Ensuring the security of your customers’ personal information.
  • Ensuring compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Concerns about regulatory compliance will be signi cantly lower.
  • Easier compliance with the requirements, desires and rights of your customers.


  • We work with social care institutions, health centers, small and medium-sized municipalities, and medium-sized companies.
  • We are conducting workshops in cooperation with the regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Businesses, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and other associations.
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