Technical, ISO and other documentation

Quama covers both defining and managing capabilities any organization business processes of any organization as well as its related documentation.

The Quama program can be used in establishing a quality management system, as well as in projects for managing documentation changes; Quama supports System, Technical, Customer, or any other type of documentation. Documentation can be managed as a stand-alone project or as an individual task within a specific project. A Pro.4 user can create documents and forms within a dedicated document system, which means that he no longer needs external programs like Microsoft Word.

By defining members of a specific project, their authorization level and their corresponding tasks, we can specify the preparation and generating types of documents, control the document versions, monitor the life cycle and document distribution for later reviewing and approval, control and modify the document printout and manage and follow any changes in documents.
Quama also offers the possibility to inform us about who was notified of the changes in any specific documents and who was informed about new existing documents. Quama features a background integrated document system that enables adding and modifying (versions) documents on projects and tasks within the QM areas.

DOC – Controlling system, technical, ISO and other documentation

The solution is intended for all organizations that require advanced document management and all organizations that comply with at least one quality standard.

Funkcionalnosti i prednosti

  • With monitoring and recording our business processes and documents, we achieve that we have everything accessible in electronic form.
  • All information is recorded in Quama.No more external documents (Word ..)
  • Listed process activities
  • Linking processes with information about key success factors, work equipment and risks.
  • Ensured composition, verification and approval procedures of a specific document
  • Exporting any documentation to .PDF
  • Reviewing the state of the documentation at any time
  • Drawing procedural diagrams
  • Information about processes and documentation are available to anyone looking for specific information
  • The processes and documentation in the Quama system are controlled and organized electronically
  • Functionality complies with ISO standards and is helpful for both auditors as well as employees
  • Managing documentation according to suggested and advised ISO standards

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