Corrective and preventive action

Corrective actions are a direct result of any identified errors and deviations in the business processes or solving customer complaints. By methodical recording and analyzing of corrective measures, we can improve our business and prevent further reoccurrence of process errors and customer complaints. Quama is a simple, yet efficient system that enables all of the above. The application seed already contains a predefined project type, a project template and a standardized CAPA report.

Report of corrective actions

The solution is intended to all organizations and companies that have reoccurring process glitches and customer complaints.

Benefits of using the Quama system

  • Managing all records on a centralized place
  • A systematic approach for solving complex problems
  • Promoting multidisciplinary (expert cooperation) team approach and culture problem solving
  • Improving the organizational and research ability to find the error root cause
  • Automatic procedure of generating reports
  • Continuous process improvement

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