Audit is a systematic, independent and documented process that determines whether the quality measures and their results match the planned quality regulations. Audit verdicts are used to evaluate efficiency and performance of the quality system and to identify possible improvements.

Audit management

Nowadays, ensuring product and process quality are two of the crucial elements of a successful business policy and a prerequisite to enter the competitive market.

Quama system enables performing and overviewing different types of audits – internal audits, certification audits, supplier audits and customer audits.

Quama enables taking corrective measures and creating reports. We can conduct an audit in a variety of ways. We can manage an audit as a project with different tasks, in which we deposit various documents concerning to auditing activities. We can use pre-prepared templates, which we can further customize for a specific purpose, such as auditing. Based on the acquired results of an audit, we can then overview and manage required corrective measures and analyze them, according to our needs. Corrective measures can be performed as desired, we can perform some goal-oriented and constructive activities, or we can start with an advanced ‘8D method’. The result is the CAPA report.

Audit management with QUAMA

The solution is intended for all companies that have at least one standard by which they conduct annual reviews of their organization or company and also for all companies that want to verify if their manufacturing process and products are in accordance with the buyer’s quality standards.


  • Identifying potential areas for improvement within an organization
  • Evaluating risk, efficiency and quality
  • Evaluating new technologies
  • Detecting illegal activities within the organization
  • Improving internal management and control

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