The purpose of APQP is defining a way of advanced quality planning, which has to be effective, and at the same time must provide virtually foolproof planning and development product processes, as a result, it should deter us from any problems in the serial production stage and sales.

The system enables the creation of APQP projects, which defines phases and different activities.

Project planning and monitoring


The goal of advanced product quality planning methodology is a systematic approach to develop a product quality plan that will support product development and satisfy the customer.
Using these recommendations, we reduce the complexity of product quality planning for customers and suppliers. It enables an easy transfer regarding supplier’s requirements of quality planning of the contracted partners.

The goal of the product quality planning is to facilitate communication among all participants, ensuring that all necessary steps and procedures will be executed on time. In the Quama system, this is solved with a customizable and predefined notification system, which ensures that the responsible individuals are informed promptly and accordingly.

In the Quama system, we manage APQP (Advanced Product Quality Plan) projects with which we can overview and control the product development from the initial to the final stage.

The solution is intended for companies that have to record project activities for product development and also for companies that perform Make to order (MTO).


Improved product quality

  • By planning and controlling the product development process stage by stage, we reduce the possibility of bottleneck occurrences as well as the possibility of errors occurring in the process, which by itself, ensures a high-quality product.

Better communication

  • APQP improves communication between suppliers and their customers. Because the project includes suppliers and customers, communication is easier and provides a faster and more efficient PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).

Lower costs

  • By recognizing and managing high resource consumption and potential errors in early production stages, we reduce expenses. By lowering our expenses, we further reduce the price for our customer, which contributes to the general customer’s satisfaction.

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