Complaints management

Quama provides an effective system for managing and solving complaints and various analysis for preventing reoccurring complaints. For resolving complaints, we recommend using the 8D method, which results as an 8D report. We simplify the work process with predefined templates for the 8D method where we prepare standardized activities with instructions in advance.

We use the 8D method for resolving customer complaints, while we have to define the project type most appropriate for the individual company and their way of operation to resolve supplier complaints.

What is 8D?

8D is team oriented eight-step approach for problem solving in the production process. It is an effective and disciplined scientific approach for solving critical and reoccurring problems. With effective team-oriented approach, we can detect and determine the origin of the problem, react instantly, develop and implement corrective and preventive measures that prevent the error reoccurrence.

8D goals:

  • To identify initial and basic causes of all types of unwanted situations
  • To identify various factors which are causally related to the problem emergence
  • To systematically remove any factors which are causally related to the problem
  • To prevent situational confusion which could lead to conclusion misinterpretation
  • To prevent reoccurring errors

Complaints management – 8D method

The solution is intended for all organizations and companies that are facing with reoccurring problems and complaints.


  • Managing all records on a centralized place
  • A systematic approach for solving complex problems
  • Promoting multidisciplinary (expert cooperation) team approach and culture problem solving
  • Improving the organizational and research ability to find the error root cause
  • Automatic procedure of generating reports
  • Continuous process improvement

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