5S-Lean method

»Space or place for all and everything on its place« is the motto of 5S method.
5 S is a system or method that helps companies to organize and increase their productivity, helping them to produce quality products faster, in a structured manner and in a way, that maintains their organized working environment while using visual markings to achieve consistent results.

The method emphasizes a structured workplace and an idea, that you have to have the materials and tools handy, organized, arranged and labeled for achieving efficiency.

5 S is based on the five steps – set, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain, which also stand as the 5 pillars of a structured and efficient work environment. In the Quama system, each of the above steps follows certain criteria that have to be predefined. The user starts with inputting current states and desired results of the rating for each criterion respectively. Quama calculates the total score according to the input ratings. Quama also generates a report which helps the user track the method results and undertake necessary action.

Evaluating work space by 5S Lean method

The solution is intended to all manufacturing companies and organizations that have various objects in their working environment, which could disrupt the employees.


  • Increased level of security
  • Established basis for continuous organization improvements
  • Employees get a sense of ownership, involvement and responsibility to the organization
  • Improved efficiency, productivity, quality and morality which lead to greater profitability of the enterprise

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